Which drive at which speed?

Now that I understand viewing the many post on using the best media I have 2 other questions.

  1. I have a Lite-On SOHW 832s and a Lite-On SHM 165H6S, which one should I rip from and which one should I burn to for best quality?

  2. At what speed should I burn to for best quality?

Ripping speed have no effect on ripping quality.

Burning speed can’t be generalized: it is related to the combination of burner/firmware/media. According to the burner and the firmware and the media you are using, the best speed to use varies.

Usually best results are obtained burning near the certified speed of the disc. For example, a 16x media usually give best results if burned @12x or @16x, or sometimes also @8x. Burning a 16x media @4x [I]very often[/I] give bad results.

I’d burn to the 165H6S :iagree:

Geno’s spot on with the advice about burning speed, IMO. :slight_smile:

geno & Arachne thanks for the info

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

^^ What Geno said :slight_smile:

You might also want to look into error scanning as both your drives will do it. You might find that each drive has particular medias that it likes and having two or more burners can broaden the range of medias that you can use and get exelent results with. One drive might like a media that the other does not.

@ ripit
I think you are right as with the 832s I have used what is deemed crap media and it seems to have no problem making good burns. I changed to verbatim because of the post that the cheap stuff may burn and the quality of the burn may look good today but not hold up well as time goes by.

I copied a dvd yesterday using 1Click DVD Copy 5 and my 165H6S, it took 9 min to rip and 8 min to burn at 8x. Is this a fast or slow time?

I have never paid that close of atention to exact ripping time but it sounds good to me. If you want to go faster you might want to see if there is modified firmware that will speed up the drive but I doubt you will get a lot faster than that. 8 minutes to burn is exactlly where you should be for an 8x burn, thats about as fast as they go.
I’m not sugesting using crap media either. Even with good quality media though, occationally a particular drive might not like a particular media. If it doesn’t, the other might. I’m guessing that you will get more use out of the 16x burner as 16x media is becoming the most common, but there are still some good 8x medias floating around. Ocationally there are mega good deals on it too and 16x burning is only about 2 minutes faster than 8x. With 8x media, even sticking to beter stuff, either drive might be the beter drive to use. I’m just guessing here but eventually the 8x drive will probably become mostly obsolete as 16x media is geting to be the most common. I personally think that there is a beter selection of 8x medias than 16x medias though so you never know when you might run across some good 8x stuff, and then its a matter of trying to see which drive burns it beter. Of course if you just stick to verbatim (and it has mcc or mkm media codes) you are probably safe as it is very good media.

@ ripit
again thanks for you input if is appreciated.