Which drive as master / slave


I have just registered on the forum, but I consult it often.

Can you help me with an issue:
I have three burners, two I can place as master, and one as slave. What is the best combination, or there is no difference?

The burners are:

LiteOn DH-20A4P

NEC 4051A

Pioneer DVR-115D


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There is no real importance, you can put drives as you like providing that jumpers are set in the correct way.

It is more important to use a 80 wires IDE cable because the liteon and the Pioneer should run in UDMA-4 mode and a 40 wire cable is not good for this.

Definitely use the Pioneer as one of the masters - they don’t enjoy slave. I’ve always used Lite-On as slave and it works OK every time - in fact, I think the jumper is pre-set by the factory that way.

My current computer has just one IDE cable on it, and at one point I had a Pioneer 112 as master and a Lite-On 20A1P as slave to it. Based on that past experience that worked out well for me, I would put the Pioneer as master and Lite-On as slave on one channel, and the NEC as master on the other channel.