Which door should I pick?

I’m building a pc, its my 1st. I’ve never done this before. It will have plenty power, memory and will be eco-wise. The cpu is an Intel core I7. I’m into music recording and editing but I don’t game. I haven’t chosen a case yet. Which mo’bo might be better, an Asus CI7 Rampage II GENE micro-ATX board, or an ASUS P6T Deluxe ATX board?

This particular question might be better answered in our Hardware forum not4nothing, so I’m going to move it there for you.

Sounds like a fine system, starting with an i7 processor. Too expensive for my tastes though. :slight_smile:

Good luck on your build.

Ty Kerry, didn’t figure out the different categories for posts. Building this pc of mine isn’t the only thing I’m new at.

If you intend to get into serious quality audio recording, perhaps multi track, then a full size ATX board would be better in my opinion. As it will allow you more PCie/PCI sockets to fit a studio quality multi channel recording card.

A case will also be important, you’ll want something that has good cooling, because these i7 CPU’s run very hot, but also a case that is very quiet. The Antec Sonata3 is worth looking at.

I’m grateful for the valuable advice.