Which do you recomend?

i would like to make backup copies of my dvd’s but css ( while i hear is weak ) is giving me problems :frowning: so i would like to purcahse a program which can help me :slight_smile: which ones do you guys recomend? also what about any dvd?

DVD Decrypter is free and can remove all restrictions from your dvds.

You could also try the free DVD Shrink, which also removes any restrictions and will do everything for you (exsept burn the DVD).

i tried both of those and got errors… im trying to burn S.W.A.T and i know all it has is css but i can’t get around it i don’t even get a chance to burn it just stops when its reading the dvd… should i try a different dvd?

I would also try playing the DVD from your PC, sounds to me like the disc might have a few errors on it.

Get hold of Nero’s CD-DVD Speed program. This has a scandisk function that will read the disc and report any errors on it.

ok im a dvd decrypter newb :smiley: i ( i guess decrypted) the main movie files and i have ifo and vob files. what do i do with them ? do i burn them ona blank dvd?

im so close yet so far i never got this far with dvd decryptor so now im confused what do i do with the ifo and vob files?

i just installed clone dvd2 and i tried to write the ifo and vob files onto a dvd and i got an error meesage before it began saying (clone dvd ) could not open the .vob file to write or something to that effect

Try using Nero.
Choose to start with Nero Express and create a new DVD. In the window that opens, just press the Add button and add the IFO and VOB files you have created. then just burn onto a DVD.

thank you i will try tonight hopefully it will work :slight_smile:

i keep trying and it says unexpected file format when i try to open an .ifo image


ok i think i got it to work but do i put all the files in the video folder? or do it leave them the way it is when its added?

ok i think i understand except when i used dvd decrpytor ( or however its spelled :smiley: ) um i clicked where it says main movei files onlt decrypted them now im trying to burn them but nero says i missing some files then it will list a different file or 2 each time… what are the essential files for dvds? or how can i do it all with less clicks on dvd decryptor

i used any dvd it didn’t quite well with clonedvd

The best process would be :

Activate AnyDVD or DVDGenie or some other program first hand (IF you want this)

Open your dvd rom tray and put in the original dvd
Close it and STOP the disc from autplaying

Activate dvd playback software and playback a little movie. This will help to unlock the files on the dvd media.

Set dvd playback software on PAUSE and minimize it.

Activate your dvd backup tool. DVDShrink , Decrypter , whatever

The process begins and you have a nice map on your harddisk where the movie is backupped. In this map there should be two maps , AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS

Close your dvd backup tool , close your dvd playback software , close your anydvd/dvdgenie.

Activate your writing program. Nero , CloneDVD , whatever.

If necessary, select DVD Video as the writing standard AND if possible , select Book Type.

Drag both AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders on the root of your dvd preparation. (Nero already makes those folders for you , you just need to drag all the files in them). It’s very very likely that the AUDIO_TS folder is empty , but there MUST be an AUDIO_TS folder on your dvd disc !!

Write and verify

well with dvd shrink and nero i got it all to work thanx so much guys now i just need to find out why my printer doesn’t like printing labels with color when i have full color ink :frowning: lol but thats another topic another palce and another time thanks so much though guys