Which do you prefer: 1st or 3rd person shooters?

What type of shooter games do you prefer?

1st person where you see through the eyes of the person you’re controlling, e.g. RTCW, MoH, Unreal, etc.

3rd person where you see a camera view of the person you’re controlling, e.g. Max Payne, Tomb Raider, etc.

IMO I prefer 1st person. I don’t know what’s the deal with 3rd person games. They are hardly as immersive.

When I jump or fall from a high place in a 1st person game my stomach goes into a knot. When it happens to me in a 3rd person game its “Ho hum…”, big deal.

Same thing with getting ‘shocked’ in games. It’s easy to jump out of your seat when you get facehugged in AvP but if it happens to you in a 3rd person view you really don’t care.

Aiming is really whacked in 3rd person as well. The AI aims for you to some extent and it hardly takes the pinpoint accuracy you’d need to get headshots in 1st person games. Headshots are very rewarding :slight_smile: :iagree:

1st person shooter for me, mainly cause my favorite weapon is a sniper, can’t snipe in 3rd person :wink: . I do enjoy the occasional 3rd person shooter, but then it has to have something special.

1st person of course - Can’t stay off Call of Duty Multiplayer.

Although Hidden & Dangerous 2 is good (3rd Person)

Apart from Mission Impossible on the N64 I’m very much a 1st person man.

I like 1st person but I think the market is swamped with them. I too enjoy a good 3rd person shooter.

3rd person, Gran Theft Auto style.

i hate FPS, they make my dizzy…

I prefer 1st person, in 3rd person you run the risk of getting gutted by the camera getting stuck in walls or turning or stuff. Max Payne is an exception though. 1st person up-close fps action yeah baby! :wink:

mmmm cs

Not that I really am much of a gamer, but I feel fine with both types. The only thing that I find better in FPS than in TPS is that some TPS games have troubles with the virtual camera positions, which in results in games that can be quite hard to play. Most games don’t have these troubles, but I’ve seen it happening and guess what… that suck :).

True, buggy cameras can make or break a game.

:eek: Do you swear in church too!? :eek:

I don’t play any as I’m still trying to figure out this “Tetris” thing :stuck_out_tongue:

only when someone is hacking :stuck_out_tongue: