Which do you feel is the best Online Multi-Player game?



I was curious on your opinion.


Counter Stike got my vote, although i play TFC more :slight_smile: but snce that wasnt on there CS it is.


unreal tournament becuz, i’m in a clan, so ever willing to challenge me, don’t hesitate, just do… :smiley:



Becuase this game RULEZ, This week i played that game for the first time… now i am a CounterStrike Junk. :slight_smile:

I play it every day, almost every our i am home… :slight_smile:


UT baby!! All I need now is something faster than a cel 500@563 to run my GF2 :wink:


Unreal Tournament on combination with the Strike force mod,The new version 1.60 will be out the 31th this month check there Website for more info


Let’s see,

Most played games online are:

Unreal an Counterstrike, just what i expected… :slight_smile: