Which DL writer to buy?


I know you’ve probably been asked this question about 100 times but i really do not know what DL writer to buy or if i should wait for the next generation faster DL writers?

I’ve been looking at the: NEC ND-2510A
LG GSA-4120
LiteOn 832s

and they all seem to be good but i really do not know what one to buy because everyone is saying different things about them.

SO if it is possible could you guys help me choose the right one and please feel free to suggest any others which i have not listed.

If you are comfortable with hacked FW’s… Get the 812s…

Two factors that are most important in deciding: price and needs.

I like 5x DVD-RAM, native DL support, and even the 12x DVD+R, but GSA-4120B price is 50% higher than SOHW-812S in Seoul so I bought 812S instead of 4120B. When the price is more like US$100 here, I might get 4120B, too.

For DVD-RAM, I have GSA-4082B though it’s 3x instead of 5x. For DL, I have 812S and I won’t spend too many DL media till I have additional DL writers.

ND-2510A is out of question as even ND-2500A costs just as much as GSA-4120B here.

Even then, I chose GSA-4120B on the poll because the special South Korean situation is not repeated everywhere. European prices seemed reasonable enough to me and US prices will be much better when retail shipment arrives there.

I voted for NEC ND-2510A because I tried 2 different sony 700a(LiteOn 832) and created coatsers on all media i tried even sony brand,didn’t try dl cause it gave me no confidence to put $ dl media in it,
I bought a ND-2510A created 3 readable disks no unreadable blocks on neros test and saved over $100 on drive.

Any thoughts on the Sony 700 from others?

Thanks guys for the help i have ended up buying the NEC ND-2510A. I dont really need DVD-RAM functionality although it would be nice but the NEC turned out to be well cheap and it seems that it a pretty good drive. ALthough the NEC drive does look rubbish i think they really need to redesign the front bezel lol!

Anyways thanks guys