Which DL media if not Verbatim?

I get good burns on Verbatim but having trouble finding them reasonably priced in the UK. Are there any other brands that are OK?

TBH mate the only discs that are any good are the verbs at the moment.
I have some ricoh but i think there fake ones as they dont get anywhere near the quality scans they should.
In the run upto Christmas it seems a lot of verb dl discs are being sold apr is one of the only places that has them in at a reasonable price.
Here are a spindle of 25 printable dl discs for about £1.73 each

I’ve seen some great scans with CMC DL media, although you’ll have to figure out what brands sell them (probably HP for one).

If you could post the serial and stamper codes on the disc then I can probably tell you if that Ricoh disc is genuine or not.

I also think that LG media has CMC MAG D01 code too

I should mention that I’ve also seen some bad results with CMC DL media so it will depend upon whether or not the drive’s firmware has decent support for it.

here’s some a wee bit cheeper, there not in stock just now, but you could email them to see when there coming back in stock


here’s some others
http://www.dvdshoponline.co.uk/P2382.html verb

http://www.dvdshoponline.co.uk/P1388.html maxwell

Yeah but maxell can be ricoh and some drives don’t like ricoh.

Verbatim is allways save.
Ritek (8x),RIcoh(2.4x and 8x) and CMC (2.4x and 8x) are drive dependant

thanks all i could get off the inside which i might add was the hardest to read i have ever come across almost thought it didn’t have one.

dvd+r dl dlo+r1106-rl1 116-r

When you say reasonably priced how reasonable are we talking ?? £1.90 a disc in jewel case cheap enough ?? if so check out svp.co.uk. I get mine from there.

I doubt that this is real…

whats the cheapest real ricoh discs as what i can tell there about as expensive as verbs which to me it ridiculous.

anyone tried these or heared any reports ? thinking of getting some


My guess would be CMC made, but it’s just a guess. Didn’t know Infiniti branded DL media.

Dismembered Ninja might know more…

i think he should :bigsmile:

Hehehe ;)…ditto!

I’ve bought Ridata DVD DLs but they won’t play on my set top box Phillips DVD player (DVP5960) nor an older samsung dvd set top player, but do play on my computer.

I’m about to buy a spindle of Verbatim DVD DL discs and hope they play video on that Phillips box and hoping it has nothing to do with my burner =/.

Welcome to CDF, jawtab :slight_smile:

Verbatim are waaaaay better quality than Ridata, so hopefully you’ll see improvement.

Don’t know what burner you have, but you may want to bitset them to DVD-ROM to improve compatibility (as you said your Samsung player is older).

I once stumbled upon some remarkable Philips-branded 8x CMC MAG D04 in Canada. They were cheap as dirt.

Wish I had bought more than 50 of them :slight_smile:

Greatest DL scan I’ve ever seen, I would honestly be suprised to see a better result regardless of media code. What burner and burn speed BTW?