Which DL media for 4163B?



I can’t find a working DL media: i tried RIDISK and TRAXDATA with very bad results. Both this brands are manufactured by ritek wich isn’t in the recommended list.

Never tried Verbatim/Mitsubishi 'cause they are too expensive…



Your only option is Mitsubishi/Verbatim, or possibly Ricoh (better than Ritek, but not as good as MKM). Ritek’s Dual Layer media simply isn’t very good quality.


I would actually just use SL media, as I’ve yet to see any DL media that produce low error rates on burn quality scans. So long as you have a program to compress the 8.5 gb amount to a SL, you should still get a good quality backup and a good burn. Plus, you should be able to get quality SL media for that burner that won’t break the bank. :wink: Plus, the reason why Ritek is not on approved media lists is because Ritek is largely junk these days, and you can never be sure of its quality. Then, even if it’s good quality to start with, it is usually a coaster within a year, tops. Save yourself the headache and avoid anything Ritek or with a Ritek mid.


You haven’t seen any low DL scans? Look around a bit more. The PX-716A does VERY well with MKM DL +R. Shrinking has its drawbacks as you have to sacrifice video quality, or sound options, or something else.


Two…, I’ve seen some that were good on the 1st layer, but then garbage on the second, especially with huge error spikes right at the layer break.

Sure, compressing the output might sacrifice something, but for someone like me who doesn’t want everything, SL backups are just fine. Also, I find a lot of stuff on the DVD I just don’t want. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s Ricoh and MKM both burned at 2.4x on the LG.


I tried a Verbatim: burn failed after only few seconds, clonedvd said “probably due to bad media”


No complaints about my Verbatim MKM001 DL burn @4x. :slight_smile:
My 2 Ritek DL burns failed.


update: I successfully burned a Traxdata DL using Nero.

So the problem seems related to ClonedDVD


You will deffinitely have problems with the Ritek-made DL discs burned in the LG, although some player may play them just fine. The burn quality will be far poorer than Ricoh or MCC.


I just bought some Fujifilm DVD+R DL and Im burning on an LG GSA 4163B A105 or a Benq DW 1620 B7W9 what kind of resluts should I expect. Do I bring back the DVDs or give them a try? Thanks.


What´s the media-code?


im not sure im having them shipped to me just ordered them today should have them by wednsday


just read another post and it says they could be RICOH will they be any good in the 4163 at 2.4 times?