Which DL Drive?

Ok guys I wanna go DL, in fact I pretty much have to buy a new burner coz I went and put my 4040B on Ebay!

So given the following priorities:

  1. write quality (if I burn it must be a good copy)
  2. speed
  3. bit setting

which dual layer would you buy. I don’t mind getting brandname disks (I have a pile of Maxells) but I must get good quality clean DVD movie backups. I don’t want to muck around with hacked firmwares etc.

Please inform me.



HP 520i or LiteOn 812s!
Either would be the right choice for you!

You meant 832S, right? He doesn’t want to muck around with hacked firmwares…

Doh! You got me code :wink:
Yes, I meant LiteOn 832S.

out of interest why would you say that the 832s is better than the ND2510A

Since you are not interested in hacked firmwares and because you are also interested in compatibility, then yes, the 832S is better because LiteOn officially support bitsetting and NEC does not. It has been shown multiple times that, without bitsetting, the compatibility rate of DL burns is abysmal. To get bitsetting for the NEC, hacking the firmware is required. This is why Wes suggested the HP instead of the NEC (since the HP is just a rebranded NEC, manufactured by NEC, but HP supports bitsetting, and NEC does not).

As for the general LiteOn vs. NEC thing, try this thread:

My opinion:

BenQ DW830A, Philips DVDRW885.

+Good writing quality (noticeably better than Lite-On)
+Supports bitsetting
+Fast at 8x writing (uses a bit over 8 mins for full disc)

-Slow at CD-R and CD-RW writing
-Missing DVD-R/RW support out of the box, DVD-R/RW will be added in September by firmware upgrade.

I do only have experience with Sony/Lite-On and Philips/BenQ Dual layer writers.

I do not have a NEC ND-2510/HP 520i Here - and if I had I wouldn’t have any media to use with it…

and… what about benq dw822a?
why don’t suggest it?

Sure - same thing. Just have to wait until September to get DL support with that drive. No big deal though as DL media is hard to find and too expensive yet.

Ok guys, I’ve had a look online (I’m in the UK) and these are the prices:
NEC ND2510A OEM £64.63
SONY DRU-700A retail £143.47
Liteon SHOHW 832S retail £87.50

I’ve got Nero 6 and various other bits of burning software. One other point is that although I think bitsetting makes sense my DVD Player will play DVD+R 4.7Gbs with no problem, whether this will be the same (EDIT: with dual layer) I don’t know.

WHich of these three is the best deal? (or do u know where I can find the Benq).

Thanks this is very helpful, especially when you point out the strengths of the different options. I am looking for high quality and reliable burns.


I couldn’t find the BENQ/Philips unfortunately.

Out of those I would pick the Lite-On.

The NEC ND-2510 is not an option in my opinion - as long as it do not support bitsetting…

bitsetting for DVD+R DL is almost required to get acceptable compatibility to my experience.


I reckon I’ll go for the 832S. Given that the reality is that I’ll be burning to DVD5s 90% of the time is the write quality on this really good? I’m upgrading from the LG 4040 to get a better quality burn.


I just read the 812S review will the 832S give better quality ?

The writing quality with the 8x media was quite good. For the rest of the media the test results is mixed, some is good and some is not so good. In other words; it’s not the best DVD-Writer when it comes to writing quality with cheap media. It will not win a prize for being the fastest writer either, but media compatibility is good and only one disc is not supported at certified speed.

The 832s should perform the same as the 812s + have support for Dual Layer. So I think the writing quality will be the same as for the 812s.

The writing quality is good as long as you provide it with the right discs.

maxell DVD-R ok? Is it better with -R or +R?

Maxell’s a Hitachi brand for overseas market (mainly the US.) They are good though I’d recommend either TY or Ricoh with the latest codes for higher performance/cost ratio.

My hitachi disks are TYG01s. I can’t get TY DVDs in the UK without buying Maxell or Verbatim Pastels. For some reason the Maxells seam to work a bit better (same media code but feels a bit more substantial).

Thanks for your help.

i’ve ordered the 832s