Which disks are e better for backups?

I backup alot of data, Movies/Music/Pictures/Games and im always looking for really good disks to last and i have been using YUDEN000 T02and just ran out and seen staples has some Verbs on sale for 24.99/100 and im wondering if these are as good or better or worse or what should i look for? They were Made in UAE.

Thanks alot!

They shoud be just fine since they are MIUE Verbs. :iagree:

I prefer YUDEN000T02, but UAE-made Verbatims are good too.

Thank you so much, i just hit the jackpot i went to buy some at my local staples and they had 10 100 spindles of the dvds on clearance for $5 because the package was ripped but it was still sealed picked them all up just for fun. Media codes are MCC 03RG20 so they should be great backups for long term?