Which discs to keep?

I am comparing 2 sets of CDs, and trying to decide which set to keep (and then I’ll sell the other set).

All of the CDs pass the TRT, so it comes down to the Disc Quality tests.

For the first comparison, we have oldset_bootable vs newset_bootable. As you can see from the images, oldset_bootable has lower Average, Maximum, and Total values for C1 than newset_bootable. But oldset_bootable has kind of a thick cluster of C1 errors towards the end, which seems to correspond to a physical defect on the top of the disc - a tiny little dot that I can feel with my finger. So I wonder if the physical defect might cause oldset_bootable to degrade faster than newset_bootable? Which would you keep?

Then for the second comparison, we have oldset_disc1of6 vs newset_disc1of6. oldset_disc1of6 has lower Average, Maximum, and Total values for C1 than newset_disc1of6. But oldset_disc1of6 has a tiny dot on the top of the disc, near the hub right at the beginning of where the data begins, although it doesn’t seem to be reflected in the graph. So I’m basically asking the same question again - will the physical defect cause oldset_disc1of6 to degrade faster than newset_disc1of6? Which would you keep?

oldset_bootable = 1st attachment
newset_bootable = 2nd attachment
oldset_disc1of6 = 3rd attachment
newset_disc1of6 = 4th attachment

Is this a trick question? One should of course always keep all Taiyo Yuden CD-R media for oneself! :smiley:

The oldset scans are slightly better, but the difference hardly seems important.

Only time can tell whether the physical defect you can feel will become worse. The problem with CD-R media is that the reflective layer only has limited protection. Is the physical defect of such a nature that it makes damage to the reflective layer more likely?