Which discs do YOU think are better?Mitsubishi or RicohJPN?

Okay, which discs do you guys think are better, MCC or RicohJPN? Which have worked better for you, in your experience?

I’ve used both (4x +R) in my NEC 1300a and the MCC’s were far superior. The MCC disks I had were made in Singapore.
The Ricohs burned, but had extremely poor playback.

My burner doesn’t match up well with the Ricoh/Ritek disks in general though.

G’day all,

I have had great experiences with RICOHJPNR01 media in my NEC ND-2500A (1.06), Pioneer DVR-107D (1.10), and LiteON LDW-451S@851S (GS0F). All burn will very low PI and PO averages. The LiteON handles these discs the best, burning them at 8x Z-CLV in 9min10sec. The NEC burns them at 6x and the Pioneer burns them at 4x.

Also I’ve had just as much good luck with MCC media in my three burners. My opinion - get whichever is cheapest.


Thanks,TVCD. The reason I asked was that my newer Imation Ricoh discs were giving me CRC errors; playback and copying of some of the files on the disc was not possible. Since then though, my drive has shown signs of dying (can’t read blank CDs, can’t read CDRW discs), so I’ll change it and try again.
Thanks again.

It also depends a lot on the writer.

Some writers is not so happy with ricoh (LG GSA-4040B, pioneer writers and the NEC ND-1300A for example) while some other writers works superb with ricoh (NU DDW-081/082 and NEC ND-2500A for example).

MCC seems to work better in some drives. But it also depends on who made the MCC discs.

Made in Singapore (real mitsubishis) is the better ones to my experience.

Made in India (Moser Baer) is also good in most cases but tend to be worse near the end of the disc.

Made in Taiwan (CMC Magnetics) is the worst to my experience. While not bad they seems worse than the other two types. Some causes high PI/PO values in the beginning of the disc.

OC, are Moser Baer DVD+R discs the same as MCC DVD+R discs made in India?

No I don’t think the moser baer discs (their own discs) have the same dye formula as the MCC ones made by them. So I still think the MCC ones is better than Moser Baer discs.

Okay, thanks for the reply.