Which Disc drive to replace

I have a CD burner(using easy CD creator 4 which i like) & a DVD Player which ONLY plays DVDs & +Rs,it DOES NOT play my most used -Rs. I’m getting ready to install a DVD burner in my Pent III 733mhzt,383 memory computer. I 'm leaning on the Benq 1620 or plextor 716a?. What I want to know is, should i replace the DVD player with the new dvd burner? I could back up my DVDs to my hardrive then burn them with the dvd burner. ? Or replace the cd burner, but then i now realize i’ll still have a dvd player which doesn’t play my -Rs DVDs ??? Any help to a newbie is appreciated. Thanks

I would say you should go with the 1620 or a Liteon 1693 as either will be able to rip DVDs near 12X with modified firmware. This will render both your drives obsolete so in that case, the CD drive will at least be usable for burning CDs. I am guessing your DVD ROM drive cannot rip ROM dvds at a very fast clip. If it turns out it can, then replace the CD burner as either DVD burner will also burn CDs.

I would keep the DVD-ROM and replace the CD burner (you can still use the Easy CD Creator btw). If there is -Rs that cannot be read by the older DVD-ROM, you can use the new dvd burner. Also, there might be the case that the new burner cannot read scratched disk and your old dvd-rom can read it. So two DVD readers are always better.

Again, Thanks Zevia,& 1969. I’m trying to see which drive to replace, As well as installing a DVD burner with minimum Headaches.