Which Digital Camera

Im lookin to buy my first digital camera. It doesn’t need to be top of the range and have all the latest technology on it because frankly I would never use it.

Im lookin to be able to blow my pictures upto about A4 maybe A3 max. Something thats irritated me in the past from cameras that i’ve used is how long it takes to actually take the pictures from pressing the shoot button becuase of the auto focus. So this being as little as possible would be good. Also a good optical zoom would be nice.

Im not lookin for todays technology as beginning to mid 2005 would suit because I know that prices for these camera would be less. Has anyone got any recomendation for me as to a good camera. My friends got a Pentax S40 and thats a good size for me.

I’ve looked at a few cameras.

Casio EX-Z50
Pentax Optio WP
FujiFilm Z1

Which one would you personally recommend and do you know of anymore good camera apart from the ones i’ve stated above around the same price/features range


Of the ones you have listed I would go with the Fujifilm. However, I would suggest you take a look at the Sony 7.2 MP Cyber-shot DSC-P200 Digital Camera. It is 7.2 megapixels, compared to the 5 of the three you have listed, and if you catch it on sale in the US it’s in the same price range as those you listed. Don’t know about the UK.

I have one and have been very pleased with it. Great photos, super battery life, and it is almost instantly ready to shoot when you power it on. Only draw back is that it uses memory sticks, which only Sony products use. But, the same thing is true for Fuji and its xd cards.

I’ve looked at the Sony Cyber-Shot T33 5MP also but forgot to include it in the list. Is that one any good

Here’s a link to some reviews –


Does the fact thats its not got a viewfinder make a difference to its battery time?

Battery time is usually related to how well the battery itself holds a charge, how much you turn it on/off quickly, how much you use the zoom (optical or digital) and sometimes how fast you take the pictures. My old Sony DSC-S50 has a long-life battery that holds a 3-hour charge, and will take about 285 pics at 640x480 on a 32 mb Memory Stick, using zoom, turning it on/off (only using it when I need to take pics). That will give you some idea.

I would suggest you find a camera with at least a 10x optical zoom, and go with 5 mp. The number of mp doesn’t necessarily improve your image, as how good the sensor is more largely determines that. There are also a few models with a 12x optical zoom, rated at 5 mp as well. The 5 mp range will save you a lot of money, and let you have that really good optical zoom.

According to professionals: when it comes to photography it is Nikon. When it comes to Digital Photography it is Nikon and Canon.

The cameras he’s looking at are not what professionals would use for serioius work. They are all pocket size, point-and-shoot models. My point-and-shoot is a Sony; my “professional” grade digital is a Canon EOS. But, Nikon’s Coolpix line and Canon’s Powershot line are also excellent point-and-shoot cameras, and some of them are as small as the ones he’s been considering.

Interesting side note on Nikon. They recently announced they are leaving the film camera market entirely and all new Nikons will be digital.

Hmm yeah there’s some truth in that. Nikon and Canon both produce nice devices. If I were in for a standard P&S camera, I’d rather pick a Canon than a Nikon. When it comes to prosumer cams, they both have strong models. In the budget dSLR market, Nikon cams are usually the better choice (although the Canons are easier to operate, the Nikons can give better results). In the semi pro and pro markets, both brands perform quite good. Here it pretty much boils down on personal preferences. I own both a Canon (Powershot G3, prosumer) and a Nikon (D70, budget dSLR) and I think both cams are great for the market they are intended for. Of course I like the Nikon better (but it’s way more expensive too).
But then again, for the things the TS wants, a Canon cam will suit him fine.

Not too sure about that model, but I’ve a fairly old (3.2 MP) Sony CyberShot DSC-P5, and I love it to death. One of the best things, for me, is that it needs no extra software to use under XP!


I have had sony and canon digitals, and I prefer canon by far. I have 3 canon digitals right now and love them. I sold both of my sonys (one of which I did love but it was my first ever digital-I had a cybershot also and hated it-I sold it within a few months of buying it).

I used a lot Canon Digitals, but I own only Nikons. My favorite is D50. Maybe I simply got used to Nikon or just prefer Cameras that can use almost all AF Nikkor Lenses ever produced by Nikon ;).

You cannot go wrong with these models


Fuji F10 £200 - 250
Sony P200 £200 - 270
Canon IXUS 700 £300 - 350
Canon S80 £370 - 400

Digital SLR’s

Canon 350D £580 - 650
Canon 20D £750 - 850
Nikon D50 £600 - 700
Nikon D70s £600 - 700

All prices are for the UK

All theses camera’s are 1st class products you can not go wrong with any of them.

There are some Digital SLRs to be had for cheaper than that, but not sure of the quality.

The prices are only estimates, You can pick up the Nikon D50 for only £430. The Canon 350D for 500. The Fuji F10 for £179. etc…

For what those budget dSLR cams are concerned, I think that the Nikon D50 is the better choice. It’s noise level on high ISO shots is just great… it really beats the Nikon D70(s), D100 and the Canon 350D/DRXT, 10D and 20D. I wouldn’t want to trade my D70 for it, but I think it offers great value for money.

@ Dee-ehn

I agree with you that the Nikon D50 is a very good camera after working with it, I liked it so much I bought one, and I’m a Canon man myself. But I do believe the Canon 350D is better.

Reasons why:

1 Faster autofocus
2 Much better resolution
3 Less noise than Nikon D50
4 Better battery life
5 noise free up to iso 400

But nothing can beat my baby Canon EOS-1DS mark 11 :smiley:

I think we’d better not have a Nikon vs Canon discussion here. As you own one of the nicest dSLRs this planet currently offers, I think you know where this could lead to :stuck_out_tongue:

(I wish I could pay for a D2x :p)

Sure, there is no need to have a debate whether Nikon or Canon is better in DSLR. One fact still remains undisputed, I hope, Nikon is a company that is known to be the best in photography.