Which decoder software?

Right now I am using MSI’s MSIDVD that came with both my mobo and video card. I think it’s a version of InterPlay’s DVD software. It seems to work OK but isn’t upgradeable. I also have a copy of PowerDVD (not installed) that I got with my DVD-ROM drive. It’s version 2.0 but I have the upgrades to take it to 2.5, then 3.0, then 4.0 XP. Is this as good as getting the REAL v4.0 XP version? And if so, will it perform as good as or better than my MSIDVD player?

Also, I occasionally use Windows Media Player 8 to watch DVDs. It also seems to do OK except for on some interactive menus, just like MSIDVD. The rumors I’ve heard about Windows Media 9 is that it will be the best digital media player available.

Any ideas? I’d appreciate any tips or recommendations, other that spending a bunch of money on a new software decoder package…


WMP does not come with MPEG2 decoding codec and is just using the one you installed form MSIDVD. Thats why they behave the same way.

PowerDVD is very good for DVD playback, WinDVD IMHO has a better quality pic for playback. Both are very similar in features also.