Which dealer can deliver Extreme-cd's?



Which dealer can deliver Extreme-cd’s??
Please post reactions.
No 86 looks very cool.


What the F*ck are extreem cd’s, i never heard of them.



Don’t u think this is a topic for the Dealers section? And what the hell are Extreme-cd’s ?

Hitbits is taking you to a second sky!


You can get Extreme CD’s through most danish dealers, try looking there!
Nr. 86 IS very cool!

Navigare necesse est, Vivere non est necesse

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Thanks EJ, but the only danish dealer i know
is Zapper and he only has akira and mp3.
Do you have more urls?


I have some other URL’s, but I am not permitted to pass them on! Sorry

Navigare necesse est, Vivere non est necesse


do you have a list of extreme-cds ???


I do, but I am keeping a low profile at the moment, because of the busts in Denmark.

Navigare necesse est, Vivere non est necesse


low profile – good idea (im doing the same)… (jeg er oxo dansk).

so maybe we should just stop posting notes here all together? hehe… THAT would be low profile…

regarding extreme: yes, its a good cd. weekly (almost) released, so it’s fast too…
its got a danish menu though (original english .nfo files included – so no problem!).


All great. But where can I buy those cds??