Which currently available +R media to use on 1100A with firmware 1.A0

Hi All,

I would like to know which currently available +R/+RW media can be reliably burned on my 1100A (firmware v.1.A0).
Up till now I always used Nashua +R’s 4x (mediacode: AML-001) and they worked perfectly, although they could only be burned on 2,4x, not on 4x. Sadly these disks are no longer available.
In the past I have once used Ricoh +R 4x (mediacode: RICOHJPNR01), but with very bad results. None of the 5 disks I burned work in any of the 3 different standalone DVD-players I tried. Reducing the burnspeed to 2,4x did not help in this respect. Strangely these disks can be read without a problem on the Toshiba DVD-rom in my PC, but I reckon they will have a lot of errors, nevertheless.
I am willing to upgrade the firmware with Herrie’s or Etna’s, if this allows for more brands and types of media to be used. If so, which firmware would be best suited for my needs?