Which combodrive to buy ? LG, Toshiba or Samsung

My old Asus dvdrom has lost its will to live :sad: and i’m going to buy a cdrw/dvdrom combodrive.

The drives i’m choosing between is:


I’m gonna use the drive for mp3-ripping, watching (original) dvd’s and maybe some cdaudio burning/copying. I don’t really care about speed (currently using a PX-w1210a) but i do care about media compability and low noise. I havent found any reviews of any of the drives but i did find this excellent forum !

Which should i choose ?


Not sure I’d buy any of those. Toshiba isn’t bad, but I’m not a fan of LG, and even less of Samsung. Have you considered LiteOn as an option? They have good CD burning capabilities, are reputed for high ripspeeds, and can be had relatively inexpensively.

Got a cheap Sony CRX320 myself (rebranded Liteon 5232k) - at £21 for that, or £18 for a DVD-ROM (which is what I actually wanted, as my old DVD-ROM died).

The OTHER Liteon combo - 48161H, I seem to recall being rather troublesome, but I doubt that you’d be likely to meet one of those now.