Which combo drive

Which combo drive would you recommend as my next burner?

LG GSA H42L or LiteOn SHM - 165H


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These are DVD burners, not Combo drives, FYI.

What’s the difference in price?

Well, now I have these available to choose from:

LiteOn LH20A1 P487C
and NEC AD 7173A-01

NEC is a little cheaper (about 5 €), liteon and lg are about tthe same price.

Any suggestions. Thanks!

I’ve got the Liteon and it seems to be a good burner. Only had it a week so perhaps too soon to be sure. The only reason I’d return it would be to get it cheaper somewhere else.

It depends what it is you want from it.

The LG doesn’t support quality scanning but burns well by all accounts. The Liteon burns well & does quality scanning but I think there has been some quality issues but mine seems OK.

Can’t comment on the NEC I’m afraid.

Thanks for reply!

By scanning you mean reading burned CDs or Dvds?

Quality Scanning reads the disks & produces charts of the quality of the burns.

You’ll see loads of images posted of such scans & these can be very useful in seeing how well the burner/media & burn speed combination has worked.

Problem is that once you get into this it can become a bit obsessive. A bit like my son & World of Warcraft.

Personally I do this with every DVD I burn & sometimes because of it I’ll re-burn one. But a good friend of mine uses crap media & burns away & then wonders why in weeks to come that he can’t play the discs on his standalone DVD player.

If I understand this correctly Quality Scanning is a burner supported feature?
Surely there are other programs that can evaluate a quality of recorded cd/dvd?

What are the results like when you use LightScribe, is technology actually mature or is this still “just so that we can charhe you more” feature of burners?

Yes quality scanning is a burner supported feature & there are a few options in terms of software that can be run to get the results. Nero’s CD-DVD Speed & for Liteon drives Kprobe is the other option. These are by far the most used apps here for scanning.

In addition to quality scanning transfer rate testing is another good way of testing the readability of a burned disc.

I don’t use LightScribe. The range of media available is somewhat limited and more expensive and I see no advantage for me to use it.

To use a drive for quality (PIE/PIF) scanning, requires that the drive actually allows those counts to be returned in a usable manner.

Some drives do not, some manufacturers have made it difficult, or demanded removal of the function from other software (Plextor want you to buy their software to do it).

For scanning, it really boils down to Lite-On these days since BenQ has ceased manufacturing. If feasible, you might want to consider two drives. For writing, I would suggest the Pioneer 111D. Even the worst media comes out pretty well with this one.

Thank you all for helping. I decided to buy LG H42L.

I also burned my first DVD-R. I bought Verbatim DVD-R 16x, made in Taiwan, Nero says MID is MCC 03RG20. Are these any good?

I also benchmarked burned DVD. Is this any good?