Which color do you find sexiest on a woman?

Part of this is out of curiosity, as color can be an individual preference and also can imply something psychological (by the color an individual prefers). So, please vote and if you have any relevant input (keep it decent, please), feel free to contribute.

Oh red … but then again Black Latex looks realy cool to on a girl ( oh should`t have sayed that :stuck_out_tongue: )

now why is FLESH not mentioned in the poll…wouldn’t you think that flesh is sexiest?

Black and red but others are nice too, depending on how they accent hair, eyes,and skin.

Black by far the best. Then red… I like blue too


blue, red, white, black


white does it for me, always :bigsmile:


black, :slight_smile: then again red, :iagree: but then again whites sexy, :confused: but will have to go with the flesh tone :bow:


Transparent :slight_smile: (at least, transparent clothing; transparent skin sounds rather gross)

Don’t care what color it is as long as it is lying on the floor.

black :slight_smile:


Black thong-eh!!!

I like all colours, except “Earthy” Colours, aka brown, orange & black.

But since we can only pick one colour … it was blue.

But in all honesty … my personal choice is irrelevant …
Women look sexiest in the colours they feel comfortable in :wink:

It should be listed with the other colors but my vote is for classic Black.



I prefer black. I prefer gothy girls (certain types that is, not the 13yr old that wears some shiny black dress and think she’s goth ;)) and the ones wearing latex… whoohaa :).

A good example: http://www.deviantart.com/view/25279781/

Black, light blue, orange and white