Which CleanTool Do I Use



I have the latest Nero Installed. Several posts have indicated that an un-install and clean re-install has solved problems. At the Nero seb site there are 5 tools.

(1) General Clean Tool
(2) Driver and registery clean tool
(3) INCD clean tool
(4) Nero 5 clean tool
(5) Nero 6 clean tool

I can rule out the ver 5 clean tool (I think). Do I have to use all of them or is the general clean tool a combination of all. Does thiis really clean out bad or useless stuff or do you need to delete files and registry entries?

Any help on which tool to use, how to use it, and any extra steps to take would be greatly appreciated.


It should be enough to use the General Clean Tool and do a restart. Nevertheless all computer specs are different so there is no guarantee.