Which cheap media should I buy for gsa-4163b?

I’m going to buy some amounts of blank media and I’m not really interested in buing Verbatim or TY because they are too expensive for everyday usage. Nierle.de has the following:

Datasafe MCC003 (fake? costs only half of verbatim branded version)

Those are all +r then some -r candidates:

MCC 02RG20
Prodisc F01

Any recommendations?

PRODISCR03 are good, i’ve burned about 200-250, at 8x 7:34min

RICOHJPNR02 and PRODISCR03 are both recommendable though not as good as MCC003 and MCC02RG20.

Thanks for recommendations but why not ritekg05?

hmm, my experiences with PRODISCR03 and lg 4163b/a101 are actually really bad. they could all be written at 8x but readability was poor. lots of downspins on the lg itself and used on a toshiba 1712 dvd-rom about one third failed completely.
none of these problems with RICOHJPNR02, though. just perfect in all drives mentionend.

PRODISC R03 give the very very good results for me.

datasafe MCC003 are pretty good but for me only give results close to the prodisc when burnt at 4x (8x is worse and 12x worse still)

Hm. PRODISCR03 always give good results with me and I have tested them in some of my drives from Lite-On and Samsung to LG and Pioneer. The only reason I don’t recommend PRODISCR03 is because Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi DVD+R and DVD-R media are just as cheap as PRODISCR03. PRODISCR03 is only allowed for up to 8x burning. MCC003 and YUDEN000T02 up to 12x in GSA-4120B/4160B/4163B and for MCC004, 16x in 4160B/4163B. YUDEN000T01 and TYG01 are cheaper than PRODISCR03. The media prices can differ depending on the scale and structure of economy. In South Korea, Taiyo Yuden media are being imported by more than one big distributor. Only those who think PRODISC, Gigastorage, Ritek, and such media are just as good as Mitsubishi and Taiyo Yuden in South Korea seem to buy those second-rated media products. TYG01 and YUDEN000T01 = US$0.4 in Seoul. That’s (TY retail) 8x YUDEN000T02 and TYG02 = US$0.9 in Seoul.

in Romania i buy PRODISCR03 at 0.67US$, here is hard to find Verbatim or TDK media, so i don’t have anything to say about DL or 16x media, i can’t get such media in Romania :frowning: :sad:

PRODISCR03 at 0.67US$

Very expensive.

You haven’t been to Finland. :cool: Here everything starts from €2 due to cassette duty.

Hm. No cheap for you then.

That’s why everybody orders from Germany or Estonia.

Hm. Rather unexpected that it could be cheaper in Estonia than in Finland since Finland is one of the best “developed” countries in the world.

But Estonia is one of the cheapest countries in the EU and most Estonian retailers are owned by Finnish companies. But the most imported product from Estonia is vodka. :slight_smile: The prices in Finland are generally on North European level, which is indeed a higher level than in Germany or States. Developed doesn’t mean cheap. It means that everything imaginable is available but can be expensive. On the other hand, most people have enough money to buy what they want.

Can you get TY from ordering from Estonia or Germany at a resonable price???
Do you know anyone in the US that could mail you some. I have bought them for as little as $.17 to $.40 USD each here. right now CompUsa has Sony media for $40USD for 2-50 packs.