Which cheap media for giveaways?

Burner: BenQ DW1650
Speed: 4x (IDE issue)

Sony 08D1
Sony D21
Infome R20

I need information about how compatible are these discs with standalone players. One attribute that comes to mind is reflectivity. Has anyone tested these thouroughly? Thanks!

The Sony MID’s should do just fine. The one that I’d worry about is INFOME R20.

Thanks for reassuring my assumptions for the Sonys.

It would be a waste to rule out the INFOME. According to my home scanning results, the INFOME R20 outperforms both Sonys especially when scanning at 16x. The INFOME shows a much smaller difference (usually increase) between 8x and 16x scans.

All three are fine , get the cheapest :wink:

If the Sony is MIT, gives away. If the Sonyis MIJ, keep it.

If the Sony is [B]MIT[/B]

And MII :wink:

And MIL :wink:

And made in austria ? :stuck_out_tongue:

And what if there is no country code on the package ??
And there is only the serial who points out who made it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh? Sony made in Luxembourg? :confused:

You guys forgot MIM… :bigsmile:

1.) Nope.

2.) Yup, no COO.

3.) The D21’s are surely from Lead Data, making it MIT. Some of the 08D1’s are surely Lead Data made with A08V########_###### plastic serials but some don’t have manufacturer serials on the plastic hub. :confused: Another thing that bugs me is that some of the 08D1’s have ARM5GB__D#### without manufacturer serials and the funky barcode while others use the more familiar DRM5G#####__## with funky barcodes. Where do they make the INFOMEs? Read somewhere in the forum that some may be from Korea but I don’t Know how to read the serials.

Not directly.
Sony resold some 16x TDK 003 and TTH02 that was made in Luxembourg under the Sony brand half a year ago.

INFOME is Made in Taiwan by [I]Infomedia[/I].
A Taiwanese company with a similar name, [I]Infodisc[/I], has or had plants in Korea.

IIRC , INFOME is decent media while INFODISC is very bad (the source of most fake MIDs) :slight_smile:

Has anyone been able to test MIM Sonys yet? We just started getting them here in the states in the 25-packs.

You’re lucky. We only have mostly MBI made Sony’s in Europe - very hard to find MIT Sony’s now :frowning:

INFOME is Made in Taiwan by Infomedia.
A Taiwanese company with a similar name, Infodisc, has or had plants in Korea.

Sorry for offtop, but I’m sure Infodisc and Infomedia have some relations. Just look at this: when you see a disc with a huge barcode near the hub, you can’t be sure if this disc’s code is INFODISC *** or INFOME , but you already can be sure that it was made by Info*(*). Another interesting moment is that their MIDs’ revisions are identical: INFODISC R20 - INFOME R20, INFODISC R30 - INFOME R30; DVD+RW 4x - INFODISC A10, DVD+RW 8x - INFOME A20.

By the way, doesn’t Infodisc have plant in China? Or only outsources codes?

EDIT: Under “Info****(*)” I only mean Infodisc or Infomedia, so no InfoSmart, InfoSource and others of that ilk :bigsmile:

Infosmart is where alot of fake media comes from, I’m guessing that’s what you meant. I’ve used plenty of faked Infosmart, anywhere from fair to awful. Only Infodisc I can recall using is DVD+RW, it has been pretty good media for me.

Infodisc is one of the biggest CD-RW producers.
Memorex, Emtec, Philips, Sony… use their CD-RW.
(Interestingly, some of these (My Philips HS-RW) have some kind of barcode and a very different stamper code compared to the worse-performing Emtec HS-RW.)

I am using the Playo DVDs I got on sale at Staples a few weeks ago.

I also can tell you something: I have a Philips DVD+RW 4x “INFODISC A10” MIT and some SKC 4x DVD+RWs, also “INFODISC A10”, but made in Hong Kong by MediaStar Tech. They both have barcodes, both have some batch numbers, their font is similar, but the form differs, and the SKC barcode is bigger than the Philips one.

So maybe someone can shed some light on the relation between Infodisc and Infomedia?

Edit: if the Emtec one doesn’t have a barcode, it’s definitely a fake. Those barcodes are kind of “feature” of Infodisc/Infomedia

Infodisc, Infomedia, Infosmart… everything’s a bit messy.
IIRC, Japanese sites also reported Princo media using Infodisc ATIPs… :confused: