Which CDs to buy for HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE 8400B?



I cannot use the above writer and am told I may have the wrong discs. I have searched and searched and cannot find the correct ones,:a
Can someone please help?


Could be the drive itself…Which CD’s have you tried/used before?..Googling results show that drive has many similar issues…



I have just bought Verbatim and they won’t work! I don’t now have any of the old discs I used about 5 years ago.

Verbatim will not work for Nero, which is on my computer, either. The player works fine on other discs I have (but that is playing rather than recording)
hope that helps


First I heard, Nero doesn’t like Verbies…Try another burning app…Imgburn, CDburnerXP…You never know!..


What is that and where do I get it? I am a very basic computer user!


Alternative burning software…


Thanks I’ll have go!


You’re welcome, and good luck!..