Which CDRW?

Hi, I only just recently signed up for i need to ask a very valuable question - and i know how helpful and in the now u guys are at CDFreaks. As Xmas is now coming up i wouldnt mind being treated to a new CDRW for at the moment i have a TEAC CD-W540E which is somewhat outdated now for it cant copy Safe Disk 2 games properly aswell as the SecuRom New is a bit of a struggle.
What Can You Guys Advise Me On, - I’m looking for the best CD-RW which will copy anything you throw at it?

Much Appreciated

Hi, and welcome to the forum!
Any of the LiteOn drives will do, the LTR-52327S is an awesome burner with current firmware.

Why does everyone go on about the LiteOn drives. whats so specila about them that other drives cant do??

asus/liteon for sd2.x/3.x+ (either one, both are very, very good… asus can be quicker but liteon’s are cheaper)

plex premium for securom new 4.5.x.x.x.x+ (only bullet proof option)

Just my opinion :bow:

Thx guys, but will a LiteOn do the latest securom games too. coz many new releases are securom now days. so not sure what to go for. but then would plextor do good sd2 and 3 copies? plz this is soo important to me, and i cant find info about it newhere on da web.