Which CDRW or DVD has 3 or more sheeps?

i’m asking thiz cuz i wanna buy something that can extract the latest game data the best possible…
because the elby.de site closed the cloneCD section, i cannot check…
thanks a lot~

2 sheep burners are as high as it goes.

If you want “the best”, stick with a Lite-On or Plextor. Plenty of reviews are available.

I can buy a 52x32x52x Lite-On (black bezel) for $38 @ my local comp show. It’s really getting rediculous for CD burner prices.

edit: $35, shipped, from pricewatch. Figures.
edit #2: Omg… figures I was wrong. There are 3 sheep burners? Apparently so.

Just shows how long it’s been since I’ve kept up with the burner market.

well, i’ve seen there are very nice reviews about liteon and plextor, them being two sheep~
maybe ill get the liteon for its cheap price~
im still curious though about the three sheep drives^^;