Which CDRW Drive?

:confused: I want to buy a new CDRW-Drive, but I don’t know which.
What I want is good performance. I mean fast and good results. I want to copy all kind of CDs.

I think:

Ricoh MP7200A-DP
LiteOn 24/10/40

When you tell me the difference between these CDRW-Drives, it would be cool.

Perhaps these will help you a bit:

Plextor 24x
clone CD with plextor 24x???
CD Rewriter LITE-ON 12X10X32 IDE BURN-proof Retail
Philips Vs. TDK Vs. LiteOn

In one of the Dutch forums the Plextor 24x and the Liteon 24x have been discussed more extensively

:slight_smile: Thanks, I think this help me.

I decided after a talk with a guy in my class to buy an Plextor. I think it’s the best choice.


zippir, make sure it’s the 24x plex an none of the others,they’re all good but cant do SD2 protected games.

:slight_smile: I’m bought the 24Plex over phone at a frindly reseller. Today I will work an half day at him and get my Plex. But don’t think I get the Plex for my work.

In the evening I will make my first “speedy - but not overburned” copy.