Which cdrw drive is the quietest?

I want to buy a good cdrw drive. It needs to copy the latest game protection with clone (wc3 and nwn is a must). But it needs to be very silent too. Here are the drives i have selected (2 sheeps) :

  • liteon 40/12/48
  • LG 8400B
  • asus 4012A

Is the asus loud? The cheapest is the liteon here in france.

Need advice plz :confused:


i ll buy my drive today i need a response plz

No idea about the noise factor but I’d go with the Asus since many Lite-ons have problems with the new securerom new (WC III).

Hum but the asus seems louder the the lg.
The LG seems great but i have no idea about the result with the new protection (nwn war3…).

On cdr-labs they say for the asus:

-Had a hard time reaching its rated speeds when reading CD-R and pressed data CD’s.
-The drive’s tray does not close easily when pushed.
-Loud when reading and writing.
-Has only a 2MB buffer.
-The seek times are a little higher than the competition.
-The drive has a maximum CD-RW read speed of only 32x.
Does not support the Mount Rainier format.

Oh i have a toshiba 1612 …

Liteon drives are the most quiet drives I have ever seen. Their vibration reduction and isolation really seems to work. The samsung and Acer that I have also used are like airplane takeoff sounds (almost – big exaggeration) in comparison. I use 30 Liteon’s in a classroom and I cannot tell if a student is using the drive or not. Not true for the previous non-liteon drives.

Why not get a plex. They are quiet and copy the securom protections pretty good. Except for that safedisc thing…

I wouldn’t recommend looking for a drive just for it to be quiet, besides, how often are you actually going to use your drive, it takes very little time to read and write an image, so don’t hold yourself back.

I dont care if the burner is loud when writing but i really care for a normal use. For exemple when reading Cds like Cd game or music.

btw if the burner is quiet when writing it is a must !

The LG 8400B seems really great (quiet, fast…) but Is it able to bypass the latest protections ?

Quietest drive? My 2c? Toshi 1202 combo. Fastest SD2 Error Skipper using D-Tools fastdump, too; 3 seconds to skip the sectors :eek: :eek: :eek: :bow: