Which cdrw and software to buy?

I just sold my Philips 4x4x32 cdrw and I want to get what may be the best available at this time. I need IDE or USB, “dont know if one is better than the other”.
I backup PC games, audio, and will soon be getting a dvd player. From what i have been seeing, Plextor has a decent new one and Ricoh has a dvd combo. ZDNet suggest those. I am tired of complicated software and buffer underruns and getting 95% done burning when the damn cd ejects with one of many errors. What works the best? Sould I use the software that gets supplied or buy different? On my philips, it came with Write2CD, and I quickly switched to Adaptec last year which helped a lot !

Get a Plextor and use Nero burning software…

IDE is an internal connection, while USB is external.
If you want an internal drive you can choose between IDE/ATAPI or SCSI. SCSI is more expensive, you need a SCSI card as well, or on-board SCSI controller, but it is more stable and uses less CPU time. Although SCSI there are advantages to using SCSI, the extra money is hardly worth it if you do not have a SCSI adapter already.
Good value for money would be an IDE/ATAPI burner, preferably Plextor of course :wink:

If you want External you can choose between Parallel, USB, SCSI and FireWire/iLink. SCSI and iLink/FireWire (IEEE1394) require a special connection and are more expensive than Parallel and USB connections on a writer. Parallel and USB is present at all current PCs. Parallel is not recommended partially for its instability, but mostly for its speed and connectivity (device should be connected and turned on at reboot or else it won’t work).

FreeCom has an external model which can be connected to different ports, depending on which cable you buy (sold seprately). For a review you can read this posting http://borg.cdfreaks.com/news2.php3?ID=1227.

But I asume you want an internal burner and therefor I will leave it at this. Buy Plextor :wink:

ps Nero and CloneCD for software should allow you to burn almost anything, from a simple audio or data CD to protected cds. This and Nero is very user friendly software. You can get a demo version at www.ahead.de

In my humble opinion ; Buy Plextor




SCSI, or if you don’t have the budget for it, the IDE version is great too. All fully compatible with CloneCD.

the rest said it before and I shall say it again
Buy a plextor and use nero, cdrwin and feurio

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Most common question, most received answer : GET A PLEXTOR! :smiley:

It’s compatible with clone cd, burn prooof if you buy at least the 12x recorder

and it offers you very good quality

what can i say more about it

Well this does not add a lot but I have the same opinion as everyone else: Plextor would be best and for software CloneCD and NERO. Today I saw an article in the Dutch Computer!Totaal which compared burningsoftware… NERO was best! And also the fastest! Check these figs:

AUDIO 70 minutes:
NERO -> 6:26
Easy CD Creator -> 10:25

NERO: -> 5:48
Eeasy CD Creator: -> 7:52

Speaks for itself :wink:

buy a plextor or a lite on 12x both are burnproof and when u use nero or cdrwin 3.8d you’ve got the perfect solution

How about the SafeDisk 2.0 issue with plextor? How common are the SafeDisk enabled disks and is there any way around of this issue?

Sure sure Plextor rules. But please can somebody tell me why I should get myself a Plextor and not his twin brother LiteOn. ….The service of Plextor is better. Ye right… when I send my Plex to them for a repair I will probable get him back with the newest firmware :slight_smile: