Which CDRs work best for LTR-32123S?

I have the Liteon LTR-32123S (32x12x40x) drive and am looking to buy a 50 disc spindle.

TY disc are available here under its brand name THAT’S but those are way too expensive, also I won’t be ordering online.

The CDRs should be 32x certified and is 700MB/80min. I can find Sony, Ricoh, Verbatim and Mitsubishi Chemicals and all are made in Taiwan. Which brand is better for my Liteon? I know that some of them are TY disc but I couldn’t find any of them made in Japan.

Apart from the certified speed, do I also need to look for the dye colour? Which one will last longer?

I’ll be burning many Audio CDs (at 4x) and some other data CDs.

Thanks for any comment.

I am not sure …but the That’s are not that good

Ritek is pretty good, and i have no problems with Verbatim also.

I have burned several Verbatim and Sony with my 32123S and they all work perfect, not a single coaster…

use a european brand , like hi-space , their metal cds are pretty good , if you want real HQ use their gold cds , you can get them at the cdfreaks shop

i am not entirely sure, but the liteon32x drives minimum speed is 8x. the 24x liteon also had a minimum of 8x. so i guess you wont be burning audio at 4x speed. shouldnt be a problem at 8x anyway


hmm…i also thought the minimum speed is 8…but wasn’t sure about it.
(wasn’t it lowered to 4 with the one of the latest firmwares???)

have to check this tonight