Which cdr should i get

i need to get a liteon cdrw not sure which one to get; digital research 48x16x48 $70($19 AR), tdk 48x16x48 $110($69 AR), tdk 52x24x48 $100($79 AR),mach 48x12x48 $69($39 AR),cendyne 52x24x52 $90($60 AR),verbatim 48x12x48 $60 ($30 AR)

i know tdk 48x16x48 $110($69 AR) is the best one to get and it will be a lite on for sure but out of those options are any of them liteons that are a better deal

btw these are all retail don’t feel like buying online cause i need it within the next days

They’re all probably the same. You can’t be completely sure about the Mach 48x12x48 though.

The final decision is yours, a 52x write speed will best 48x write speed average of approximately 15 seconds on a full CD, the 12x / 16x / 24x rewrite speed depends on how often you plan to use rewriteable media (a la large floppy disk). All of the drives mentioned are fairly recent and are probably almost identical in burn speed and performance.

are all of them besides the mach lite ons?

Does Lite On even manafacture a drive with 16x rewrite?

If not, then how can any of those drive be Lite On drives unless they mark them as 16 and give you a 24x?

Is that one oc’able to the 52x24x52 speed?

one would assume that since the 48126S liteon can be overclocked to 52246S that all that would be required to make it a 16x RW would be the firmware to support 16x and only upto 16x

Just FYI for everyone:

Digital Research drives from Best Buy are not LiteOn drives. There are two different packagings for the DR drives, one that features Nero and one that features a different software package.

The drives are different from each other (different model numbers, face plates, etc) and are definitely not Lite On drives.