Which CDR Media?

After researching this topic for the past 5 hours i have a good idea but still not certain: Which are the best CDR discs? Ive heard alot ab Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim DataLifePlus but still cant decide which one. Or is there something else someone could recommend to be good for data and music. Im using a Lite-On LTR-52327S.

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What is Mitsubishi Chemicals that everyone keeps talking about. Which Cdr have this and you would redommend?

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Hope you don’t mind, I merged your 2 posts into one thread.

Mitsubishi (AKA MCC) is better known as Verbatim, however not all Verbatim are MCC.

Your 52327S can eat most anything you feed it, but if you want high speed and quality in the same CDR, go with Ritek TG, Mitsubishi or TY. Search the CDR tests for those names and you will see the brands that are using them.

In the USA, Maxell 48x is always Ritek, Maxell CDR-Pro (made in Japan) is always TY, and Verbatim DataLifePlus 48x has so far always been MCC.

Im live in the UK which CDRs would you recommend for my drive, i dont care about the speed of the burning.

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which CDRs would you recommend for my drive
Ritek @bigpockets.co.uk


Taiyo Yuden @

I heard that green dye (as the above link shows on the TY 's) isnt very good and blue dye is much better? Can i buy Blue Dye TY 's in the UK. Or am i just realy confused?

Please ignore all my previous posts and just concentrate on answering this one. I want to order some cdr’s as soon as possible so which ones?

Are Maxell CDR 's any good. They use Ritek (Cheked with nero InfoTool)?
Which Companies Use TY in the UK?
Can i just buy any CDR’s which say TY on them (Post from BoSkin)?
Are the Verbatim DataLifePlus any good?

Any of those 3 will do fine I’m sure. You can buy TY and Ritek in bulk as well.

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Which Companies Use TY in the UK?

I heard that green dye isnt very good and blue dye is much better?
I’ve already given you the address. Look no further.

As for the dye, it’s still the same Cyanine.
Blue dye ( recording layer ) on gold ( reflective layer ) looks green, on silver - blue.

I have always used TDK Speed-X and only today when i ran out i was looking into other companies. Only 3minutes ago i used nero infotool to find out that these cdr 's use ritek too. does the company you buy from (ie. tdk traxadata, verbatim) make any difference, or should you concentrate on who actualy makes the cds (ie. ritec, ty cmc)

whats this ive been hearing about fake TY cdrs?

And i just read a report that ritek make very low quality products and cmc magnetics always have made the best products together with TY?

these are my last question so please boskin or rdgrimes be patient whith me :smiley:

Very early Ritek CD-Rs were of poor quality but all of their newer media is of excellent quility. Generally CMC are regarded as poor quality media. Personally, I recommend getting TY CD-Rs as they have amazing quality.

If you need to be absolutely sure, get nothing but TY.
Ritek is not always the same under different brands, they make media to the OEM’s specs. Maxell branded Ritek is generally good if you get the 48x rated stuff. TDK branded Ritek needs to be 48x or 52x. (but not ALL TDK is Ritek.)

Now this might be a very nooby question but then again ive only realised the diference different media can make today. What exactly makes ty better than cmc and ritek.

is it companies like ritek and ty that make the dye and tdk,verbatim, etc make the actual disc and sell it???

A “good quality” disc is one that is constructed and designed well with a high standard of quality control and is widely supported by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) who make CD recorders and DVD recorders.

There’s no point having well-made discs if they’re not supported by your drive manufacturer as most of the time that will result in bad burns.

IMHO, the best CD-R discs out there are Taiyo Yuden 32x and 48x. RiTEK JS (40x or 48x) comes very close behind TY.

Are the TY 52x as good as the 48x and 32x. im planning to buy the ones on this site: http://www.cdr-by-mail.co.uk/acatalog/CDR_By_Mail_Inkjet_Printable_17.html

are these discs the best of the best? and shall i purchase the ones on the above site labeled :


AFAIK the 52x Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs are just rebadged 48x Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs.

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AFAIK the 52x Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs are just rebadged 48x Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs.