Which CDR for my Liteon LTR-32123S?

I know that Taiyo Yuden is the best for my (any) drive, but availability is a problem here in Hong Kong. The only TY disc I have seen are THAT’S (TY’s own brand) and the Yamaha (Made in Japan) disc, both retails for around HK$170 (US$22) per 50 disc spindle. If you compare with the other CDRs available, the TYs are insanely priced, for example, Mitsubishi Super Azo 50 disc spindle is only around HK$90 per 50 disc spindle.

So TY is out of my reach unless I purchase them online or from my friends in Canada or UK which is not feasible.

Now which disc will work best with my drive? I have tried Sony 32x, sucessful 32x burns OK w/o C2 errors (tested with Nero CDSpeed and the CD Doctor) but did gave me several coasters since I got the drive, and I have read here some disc have their layer came off, which really surprised me.

In Hong Kong, the popular brands are like Mitsubishi/Verbatim Metal Azo or Super Azo, e-Blue (by Prodisc), Ricoh, TDK, Philips or Yamaha, etc…

Which will work best for me? After some reading, I’ve narrowed down to Ricoh 32x and Mitsubishi Super Azo. Both are available at similar prices but some people are complaining that the Mitsubishi not working well with Liteons?

Also, which one has better compatibility with Discman or Hi-fi?

Thanks in advance!

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I am also from hk. I cannot believe it is so damn hard to find good media here. Everyone shops for the lowest price (~10cents@) with complete negligence to quality…
I did buy some TY (yamaha 20x) 100 spindle for $25 on MKCC 2nd floor some months ago but since then it’s out of stock.

RIght now I mainly use Ritek (maxell 40x) which on average gives around 10 C1 error at max read. I use LTR-48246S.

Imation (CMC 48x) also gives similar result but everyone said it’s crap, so beware.

I still got some Mitsui Gold but it gives 30/40 C1 error, so this brand is overrated.

AZO dye , from what i heard, doesnt do well in high speed burn. Maybe that explains why all Azo media (Verbatim-blue or Mitsubishi blue) are all 16x certified only.

Maybe u can find some better media in Caueway Bay or some higher end shopping mall. Mostly I can only find bottom end junk at SSP or MKCC…which make me wonder why people would buy those…