Which cdr drive is the best



which cdr drive is the best one for useing cd clone.....and does cd clone really work,,like copying psx and pc protected games


try mitsumi cr4804te, no problems yet,cheep does not always mean nasty
best of luck


well im using a plextor and ive used a ricoh with cd clone and no problems, they duped most of my games, and i used Nero for the over burns, now on pc games you need patches most of the time, that you can find on http://www.gamecopyworld.com

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I have a plextor and it is supported by CloneCD and so far it has succesfully copied every game I have without the use of cracks.



uptown chris: how could you have used a ricoh drive, they aren’t supported by clonecd?!

anyway, clonecd can copy all the games that i’ve thrown at it, provided that you have a good cdrom reader drive. the main thing you need to use clonecd is HARDWARE!

for instance, you might have a compatible cdrom drive and a burner that isn’t supported, so you wouldn’t be able to use it…or you may have a supported writer, but a cdrom that can’t read safedisc for shit, so you’re screwed there too.

and EVERY game is still copyable, even without clonecd, you just need the right cracks for it. i know that cracks are a pain in the ass and they don’t always work, but you gotta do what ya gotta do!

as for the best drive to use clonecd, plextor, plextor, and ummmmm…plextor. but not the best prices on plextor drives, so find somthing cheaper, i.e. mitsumi or acer.

oh, and clonecd DOES work, but just as i said before, the hardware is really important!


I’ve got one, and it copies everything…
You must be sure you buy one with RAW writing support…clonecd kicks-arse ya know


Hey squage it worked with my Ricoh the 7040A or 7060A(dont remember the model number) its a 4x 4x 20x(24x). and the plextor dropped in price, especially the ide, not much difference then the scsi by 3 mins. And the ide still supports overburning, for those who cant afford the scsi.


Try the LG-Rewriters. They come with 3 years of garuantee. And I never lost a CD yet.


wow thanks guys for all the help :b


do plextor drives overburn like the 12/4/32 or 8/2/20


to uptownchris:

can u plz send me the bios u used for your ricoh 7040 cd-rewriter

then i can use clonecd on my not supported aopen cd-rewriter too




I’ve got a Plextor PX-R412C and it works PERFECTLY, i never had any problems with it!

The only problem for you will probably be that you can’t get it anymore…



well i bought a plextor a 8/2/20 from buy.com
thanks for all your help