Which CD to buy for DJ audio?

Hi to everyone! I’ve been reading this forum for quite a few years, but just now I decided to register and join you.

So here’s my problem - I’m a DJ and CD quality is very important to me, both audio quality and durability. I buy MP3 files (no piracy!), burn them as Audio CD and play them in all sorts of DJ players. And you can understand that there is NO room for skips, read erros etc.

I know that the best media is TY, but it’s a mission impossible to get these in Slovenia (I also checked stores in Austria but I couldn’t find any Verbatim/Maxell made in Japan).

So here’s what we have here:

Prodisc: I burned A LOT of them (SmartBuy branded) without any problem but in last year or so their quality faded - maybe just with SmartBuy, I have to find some other brand. Older discs still perform excellent. I tested around 20 blanks from 1999-2006 and not a single C2 error! (I store them in CD bags in dark, dry and cool place).

CMC Magnetics: branded as Iomega, HP - very satisfied with them (I buy mostly Iomega). I have some older branded as Maxell, Fuji etc, some of them 6+ year old and most of them contain no C2 errors.

Ritek: branded as Verbatim, Fujifilm. They are awful, sometimes a CD skips in DJ player. Tried to burn them in different drives but it’s the same result. Lots of C2 error - also on recently burned ones, older (3+ years) became unreadable.

Mitsui: branded as TDK (just bought one blank and was able to burn it with max 16x speed :confused: ). No C2 error detected, but I don’t know how good Mitsui is since it has been bought by MAM-A. I know Mitsui used to be top quality.

Fuji: found it only as Fujifilm ‘‘for Digital Photos with UV Shield’’, haven’t tried it yet. Very expensive (1,5€/1,8$ per media), black on the bottom. There are also SmartBuy and Verbatim ‘‘Vinyl’’ CDs that are black on the bottom - I have to see if they’re also Fuji.

There are also other brands available to buy (like Multi Media) but they’re total crap.

So what would you recommend? Should I stick to Prodisc and CMC Magnetics? Is Mitsui still ‘‘good old’’ Mitsui? What about Fuji? Is their high price justified?

Thanks a lot in advance!

The Fuji ones with Fuji ATIP are Made in Germany, and I heard that the production stopped last year. But the Fuji ATIP CD-R are not sold under other brands.
I got 3x10 = 30 of these for € 11.25 not long ago, a shop was having a sale on them.

You could try some Sony CD-R for Audio (Made in Austria), I heard that those were good, but I haven’t used many of these so I don’t really know.

I would prefer good CMC (for example HP, or Verbatim Extra Protection) over Mitsui (TDK rarely relabeles Mitsui, and their media under their own brand is overpriced), Prodisc and Ritek. :slight_smile:

What a shame you can’t get TY in Slovenia, as my mum’s boyfriend is a DJ and that’s what he uses (specifically, Verbatim Extra Protection (TY)).

He also uses CMC-made Verbatim Extra Protection (as mentioned by Evilboy) though, and I’ve had no reports of those failing yet. :slight_smile:

Edit: where are my manners…welcome to the forum! :smiley:


You could go with these

Just joking!!!

Oh no…that’s a classic :bigsmile:

kg evilboy: Yes, Fuji is Made in Germany and I see now it’s not the same as other black CDs - this one has a slight purple shine. Here’s the pic: http://www.fujifilm.pl/_images/content/37.jpg

Arachne: I heard of guys that were on a rampage from store to store and after visiting over 30 stores they managed to get 4 TY 25-pack spindles, so I suppose if they get to Slovenia, they get here by mistake :smiley:

I bought Verbatim Extra Protection 100 spindle but am not satisfied at all with them - got many C2 errors, they all received 0 score in CD/DVD Speed (now I’m using them for unimportant stuff). I have to buy some SuperAZO and test them.

What about Verbatim Data Vinyl? I just saw new series with SuperAZO and 52x burning speed.

Yeah, buy Princo if you want to ruin your local DJ’s career :bigsmile:

Doh LOL :bigsmile:

Do you still have any of those Extra Protection discs that showed C2s? I’d be interested in who the manufacturer is in CD-DVD Speed (CMC, Prodisc, MBI etc) :slight_smile:

Yeah, buy Princo if you want to ruin your local DJ’s career :bigsmile:

Hahaha :bigsmile:

BTW: I’m using NEC ND-6500A burner (notebook) and I burn audio CD mostly 16x.


<FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’>
<TABLE cellpadding=‘0’ cellspacing=‘0’>
<TR><TD><B><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’>Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info</FONT></B></TD><TD></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><B><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’ color=’#FFFFFF’> Basic Information</FONT></B></TD><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Disc type:</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> CD-R</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Manufacturer:</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Ritek</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> MID</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> 97m15s17f</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Write speeds:</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> 8 X - 16 X - 24 X</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Capacity:</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> 79:59.70</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> 703 MB</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><B><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’ color=’#FFFFFF’> Extended Information</FONT></B></TD><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Usage</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> General</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Disc Status</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Empty</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><B><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’ color=’#FFFFFF’> Raw Data</FONT></B></TD><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> ATIP</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD></TR>
0000 - C0 00 90 00 61 0F 11 00 4F 3B 46 00 00 00 80 00 - …a…O;F…
0010 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - …

My NEC (4551) is a really good audio CD burner, and 16x is just right for audio :iagree:

Edit: oooh…Ritek. :eek:

I guess this isn’t good? :bigsmile:

Well, their DVD media is a bit hit or miss, but their CDR media is usually pretty good. Having said that, I don’t put my Riteks to a lot of use, so I’d say stick with HP (CMC) discs, or try those Verbatim Super AZO, or the Data Vinyl ones and see how you go. :slight_smile:

Thanks, i’ll buy 5 of each and test them. I see there’s no other alternative (unless I order TY from somewhere…).

Be sure to let us know how you get on with testing :wink:

Beware of Mitsui! A friend gave me a Mitsui CD-R that lasted less than 3 years and then it degraded.

joseph5 - thanks for the tip

Arachne - I was in the store but it seems that all Verbatims here are made in India (MBI) - Extra Protection, SuperAZO and Data Vinyl. I’ll go to Austria (Graz) once more and check if they have some TY CDs - or at least CMC (Made in Taiwan, right?)

Hi dj-test, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

The Verbatim Super AZO Made in India CD-Rs are OK discs, although not as good as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Super AZO Made in China or Made in Taiwan. If they are of the “Crystal” variety, they have a very tough top layer.

Perhaps you should try some of those Verbatim Super AZO Made in India and se how they work for you?

Sad to say my Mediastar silver discs with Taiyo Yuden code refuse to play properly on one of my main cd players. Basically i’d say it’s the player that’s old and worn but it playes any other cd i put there. So far it skipped in 4 of 6 Mediastar discs and since it’s pretty inconvenient because i’m at work :o i can’t use those anymore when i’m near that player. So far i’ll stick to pastels. Any other TY disc i used there was fine as well - only one to fail is the silver Mediastar. I still think they are good discs for backup just not for that player (and perhaps other players as well?) :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to sound silly but is it possible the mediastar are fakes? You said “silver” and unless you mean the top coat, they definitely aren’t TY.