Which CD s/w can burn VCDs (ie custom MPG files > VCD, not direct CD 2



which CD s/w can burn VCDs (ie from custom MPG files > VCD (playable on VCR playes); not direct CD to CD)

also, can CDRWin or any s/w that supports direct CD to CD copying copy VCDs on the fly (ie in this case, rent a VCD and then copy it ‘wholesale’ without editing)



I believe Nero and WinOnCD are good for making VideoCDs. They should then be playable in a home player.
You could run into trouble if you want to make VCD 2.0 compliant disc. The source MPEG has to be of a specific size, fps rate and also audio bitrate. You can adjust this using for example Xing MPEG encoder (which you can find everywhere on the net).


well for making them from scratch i use winoncd, or ezcd creator deluxe but i prefer winoncd. for copying them nero will do a good job but i just use clonecd…