Which CD-RW

Pretty simple question, I am going to buy a new burner (mine is 8x4x32x :()
I am going to get a Liteon one and want to know what is the best model to buy, I know how to flash firmware so that aint a problem, but if doing this are the drives actually the same except the firmware on them?

If you know you’re going to get a Lite-On, the 52x is obviously the best (although many programs still don’t support it for example CDRWIN) All the 6 series drives are thought to be the same, but the 52x is cheap enough, cheaper than the Plextor and Yamaha 48x so just spring for the extra couple bucks and get the actual 52x.

Yes, pretty much. As long as they are the same generation.

Looks like thats me choice then. Now all I gottas do is go buy it :smiley: