Which CD-RW?

I plan to get a faster CD-RW since my LTR-12101B is too slow. What should I take?


They cost about the same.

And do all of them support Mt. Rainier? What’s the minimum speed for recording?

Then get one of the 40x and flash it w the latest FW in order to enable Mt.Rainier.

What’s the minimum speed for recording?

Can LTR-32125W support Mt. Rainier when o/c? Which is newer of the 40x ones? Also what’s the min for 32x one? I heard 8x and for RW 4x??

I’d advice you to choose the 40125S since you’d be directly able of getting Mt.Rainier by upgrading your FW. And you can get those either @CDFreaks or @LiteOn site.

Look, almost all of your questions have been answered like at least twice a day. All you need is to make a search here and you’ll get what you want.

Furthermore, I hope those who have their 32x would give you a more detailed response about the speeds and stuff.
The answers won’t keep you waiting too long .
Do you hear them coming ? :smiley: