Which cd-rw unit should I buy?

I have a Sanyo BP1300P(IDE). But it won’t work with
all those great cd to cd copy programs…like cloneCD(this shit can’t write in DAO-RAW mode), blindsuite…and so on…

so i’m planning to buy a second one…
any suggestions???!!!

It is almost redundant to say this, but Plextor rulez most of all burners.

If you have SCSI, buy SCSI, if not, the IDE/ATAPI works perfectly as well.
The newest 16x/10x/40x Plextor burner may not be supported in all programs yet, but will soon be.

Personally I am very pleased with the 12x/10x.32 SCSI Burn proof Plexwriter

PLEXTOR!!! but I also have TDK which is also very good and has the same Specs and hardware as PLextor and got a 10 and plextor a 9 (I read that in PC gamer and maximum PC magazine)

Plextor often gets outrated by another brand for Plextor isn’t cheap.

When you look solely at performance and the quality of burning (number of errors when it is done), plextor usually outburns them all…

Yep…Plextor still is the best.

But many users will agree with me on the fact that at the moment, Plextor is screwing us with their alliance made with MacroVision, the designer of SafeDisk 2, 1:1 copiers worst nightmare. Therefore, I wan’t to ask everyone to boycot Plextor, let them feel it where it hurts the most: In their wallet!

Boycot Plextor!

Well we could do that but still I’m very pleased with my 1210A. It reads very good if not perfect… DiViDe, have you read this official Plextor statement?

And if you want to copy SD2, you could just go back to the 1.4FW. Supposedly this would enable SD2 support…

I know… And I still recommend Plextor drives…

But still…I’m not sure wheter they made a pact with MacroVision or not. It sure looks like it, they removed all ‘working’ Firmware from their sites.

But Plextor does manufacture the best drives, and would never buy a Philips only because it’s capable of copying SD2 games…


ok ive heard this so many times it must be true “plextor rules” but if you didnt have the money for a plextor or couldnt find them at the local computer shops, what would be your second choice? the reason im asking is a friend of mine wants one for her system but doesnt want to wait for one to be shipped thru the mail. she basicly wants to go get one at best buy, circut city, comp usa whatever… all they seem to have in stock are HP, Sony, Yamaha, Memorex, Micro Tek, Paciffic Digital (never heard of those last 2, any good?) but they did have a TDK 16 x 10 x 40. and i noticed uptown chris mentioned those were pretty good. i was going to recomend yamaha or maybe teac to her. ive got a teac and i like it pretty good. anyone have any good advice for this?



Teac often ranks just behind Plextor or just above when price is a factor in determining what is the ‘best buy’.

Lite-on seems to offer good quality for fair price as well.
There was a review linked on the mainpage of cdfreaks (12 recorders compared), though it was in Dutch, the conlusions were translated (by me :wink: ) and the images used give an indication on speeds and noise levels (if I remember correctly)