Which cd-rw should I bye?

I read alot of sebsites and stuff and iam thinking about getting a > lite-on LTR-24102B (24x10x40)<. I looked at the CloneCD website and other web links I found at www.GamecopyWorld.com

Anyway, it supports Correct EFM Encoding, has buffer underrun tec, Write mode - RAW-DAO 96 Read mode for data - RAW+96, Read mode for audio - RAW+96 At least thats what this site says!

I can have this Cd recorder for $95 us money, is that worth a buy?


I forgot to ask is this a good enought recorder for Copy of cd protection?

Yes the Lite-on is an excellent choice. It can handle all well known copy-protections including the latest SafeDisc 2. For more info I suggest you use our search function since your question has been asked many times before. You can find reviews of this drive on www.cdr-info.com