Which cd-rw is better HP 9100i or Teac 55S for cd copying

I want to be able to burn copy write protected cd’s for my personal use and Don’t know which is better the HP 9100i or the Teac 55S. I am going to buy the best of the two. Can anyone help me. Does anyone know which is better and why

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Hi there,

I have the Teac and it burns anything you
want. Does NOT support CloneCD.

Go with the Teac…


Tha Sentinel

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I have the hp9110i…
als burns everything… except it doesn’t support overburning… just use an 80min cd.
and it supports clonecd…

I never got a better tool than CloneCD. I never had a bad copy since i use it. So i think you should go to

and read the Hardware list to know what is good for you.

I would take a PLEXTOR
But if I really had to pick between those 2
than get yourself an HP9100 because it is supported by CLONECD.
Teac is a very fine writer but is not supported by clonecd