Which CD-RW/DVD ROM combo unit to buy?




Would like to get a really good combo unit-

The reviews on google don’t tell me much - so I’m looking to my fellow cdfreaks to help me out here-

Looks like I want a 52/32/52/16 or something similar-

Your thoughts and advice will be appreciated-

Happy Burnin’



Lite-on seems to have the most tools and options (like bit setting) available.

Dell home has great deals on these I saw one recently for like $74 shipped, not bad I think.

found it… here are some links






Still looking for your help here-




hey, im new here and i also need a new drive and want the same thing. A 52x32x52x16x cd-r/dvd combo. That IS the best speed for one right? I just want the best drive, money is not a concern. I was looking at some samsung drives but then i read in a review that they dont support double layer. Any suggestions?


Have you checked the links above? It’s very close to what you want.

BTW, whats your budget, that will help people direct you further???



Solved my own problem-

Got a NEC ND-3500A off of www.newegg.com this afternoon for $79 + $4 shipping-

It’ll give me everything I need and 48x CDR to boot-plus I’ll be able to read DL too-

I’m a happy camper-

Happy Burnin’




Now I have the NEC ND-3500a installed and believe me it was the right decision!!

Great burns and my 24x rated TDK cds burn at 32x !!! And my 8x -r Tayio Yudens burn at 12x !!!

Bought another at www.newegg.com for $77 + $4 shipping - what a great price!!

Happy Burnin’