Which CD-R/RW media best suits my Lite-on LTR 40125S

Dear Friends

I am from turkey,I have recenty baught a lite-on LTR 40125S and
I am aware that the messeges in the message boards here about the CDR media,brands,and quality factors…I have some video files(mpeg) and images files(jpeg,bmp…etc) and as well as MP3 in my hard disk I wan to store them in CD-R media,I am thinking store them Ricoh CD-R (made in Ricoh company )and KODAK CD-R which made in kodak factories and
I was thinking verbatim data life + CD-R but some people say good and some people say verbatim is not much suits or verbatim disk not much like LITE-ON LTR 40125s drive I just I wan to store them good,stable,quality CD-R/CD-RW media and of course Which are best suits LITE-ON LTR.
One more thing about the image(jpg…etc)files which is best to do;store them create a image file with image recorder and store them in CD-R media(Photo CD) OR just store them like a data CD which is best to do.

AND does any one know,is there any good CD-R identifier that shows quality and information about which factories made from…etc you know…,but I am looking for free ware,But I have already nero burning rom and I have also nero tolkit
(Nero CD speed) is this a good program for identify CD-R,s.the People say feiuro itis very good perogram for identifying CD-R,s but itis shareware…

And does any one know,is there any good web site exist that shows all aviable CD-R/CD-rw media(Brands,factories…etc) and information about it.
http://www.cdmediaworld.com/hardware/cdrom/cd_quality.shtml >>exluding this because I have already know it and few ones…

And does any ones know is there any Good web site that that shows how to do the nero burning room,How to make a data cd…etc I have already read nero help file but few things
was not understand exactly,very clear… I guess my english is not perfect!!
exluding : http://www.nero.com/en/index.html#c1034059030144

just asking these,Sorry about too many questions

Thank you friends,

Mesut Can

mail: cany2@yahoo.com

There is a manual for Nero on the Nero CD, it’s in PDF format.
If you can possibly find TY or Fuji media, that will be your best media. Whatever media you can get, just run CDSpeed “Quality Check” on your burned CDR’s and set your burn speed so there are “0” errors with a full-speed reading. Verbatim DataLife Plus is not always good, but some are OK as long as you do not burn them over the rated speed. You can download the free LiteOn utility for checking media, called SmartBurn Media Checker.
Hope this helps.

smartburn: http://www.liteonit.com/zip/SMARTBURN.zip