Which cd-r lightscribe media for 1655 & H22N?



I wanted to buy some cd-r lightscribe media. I have a Benq 1655 but not installed yet. I thought i would order the LG H22N also. Could someone tell cd-r lightscribe media they like and if Newegg has it, i would order it when i got the drive. I want the media for both the Benq and LG but i know i would have to make lightscribe labels on the Benq. I thought i did not need two lightscribe burners.

If someone else has better or something Newegg doesn’t let me know.


Use Verbatim LightScribe CD-R media (Made in China) if you can get it.
HP LightScribe CD-R (CMC) is also ok.

Don’t use the MBI ones from India under other brands than Verbatim.


Thanks Kg, do you know if the ones on Newegg are made in China. I would go ahead and order thru Newegg.


I’ll order some Verbatin cd-r and dvd’s both Verbatim from Newegg.


Just do that. :wink:

Even if the Verbatim LS CD-R are not made in China or Taiwan but in India instead, they are still better than most of the other LightScribe CD-R. As Verbatim’s Indian-made media is like few and far between in the US, I think you’re going to end up with Super Azo CD-R, made in China or Taiwan by CMC, which is good :slight_smile: