Which CD-R for audio in Europe?



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living in France I have choice between

  • those Taiyo Yuden CD-R(“from Japan”, but serie/dye type not indicated), available as “neutral”, “thermosilver” or “thermowhite” (?.. i’m not gonna print anything on it) :rolleyes:
  • those HHB Gold, or MAM-A that aren’t sold by any amazon/discount european website. :disagree: Air-shipped CDs may be damaged so ordering from the US or even from the U.K seems unsafe to me, isn’t it ?
    This is all about burning & keeping :flower: nice music, so what would you do ? Local stores only offer the usual Sony/Verbatim/…
    Thanks for this nice forum that have learnt me lotta things about CDs,


id say verbatim or jvc as their taiyo yuden ( well thats the case for the uk anyways)


Hi marcus_667

  • these JVC EAN: CD-R80HS100 are Taiyo Yuden, indeed :iagree:.
  • Here are some Taiyo Yuden CD-R (no other brand than “taiyo”). EAN: 4260074628272. They are 50% more expansive : what’s teh difference between these two, and aren’t they made of cyanide sh** ?
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[QUOTE=marcus_667;2606640]id say verbatim or jvc as their taiyo yuden ( well thats the case for the uk anyways)[/QUOTE]

Think it’s the same in Europe generally, though by all acounts the Verbatim ones (Pastels and Extra Protection) seem to be rarer than hen’s teeth now. :sad:

As for the TY discs at Amazon, William, I have no idea why the price differs.

Cyanide = I think you mean cyanine :bigsmile:

The only JVC-branded TYs I’ve used, are ones from a few years back, which were good. I have no experience of the more recent ones, though. I have used quite a few of the unbranded ones (silver).

We use the unbranded silver ones for use in the car CD player, so they get thrown about a bit. They seem to be holding up pretty well despite this though - so I would probably just go for the cheapest, unless someone else here has a preference. :wink:

Just to add, I also have some of my archives on unbranded silver TY CDRs. Once again, they’re doing fine.

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Thanks Arachne for these advices :slight_smile: i’ll wait for an eventual other opinion and order winthin a few days. Haven’t buy CD-R for years, happy to see the low prices :slight_smile: