Which CD-R burner? Liteon SOHR-5239 or Plextor PX-230A?

Hi there!

I’m looking for a new, high-quality CD-R burner (I don’t need any DVD functions, and I wouldn’t want to “waste” my DVD burner by doing lots and lots of CD-R’s, anyway). Unfortunately, it seems that the Plexwriter Premium is no longer available in Germany, so I’ll have to take another one. My main concerns are:

  1. excellent burn quality
  2. the ability to do quality scans

I’ve sort of narrowed my choices down to the Liteon SOHR-5239 and the Plextor PX-230A, which both seem to be very good. But I can’t seem to find a lot of information or detailed reviews on either drive. My main question is: does anybody here have experience with the burn quality of either of these drives? And can you do quality scans of your burns with them? What features of the Plexwriter Premium is the PX-230 missing? Maybe I wouldn’t need most of them, anyway…

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I’m also looking for a HQ CD-R(W) drive,
bacause my Lite-On LTR-52327S is producing more and more C2 erros - even with TY media.

PLS post any recommendations/hints - I did a search but it seems as all is about DVD and the rest is out of interest.

liteon => cheap
plextor => very expensive
actually plextor CDRW cost as much as others DVDRW

After the Plextor Premium, considered the best, most people consider the Liteon the next best choice, at least based on all the responses I have read here over the last few years. When my Premium dies it will be replace with a Liteon. I have seen no extra value by any other Plextor, just markup.

When did the premium ever become a good CD-Writer?

It’s one of the worst CD-Writers I’ve ever had. First it slows down writing speed on most discs, second most of them have C2 errors and third, it fails with a write error on about 1 out of 10 discs.

I would pick Lite-On, even though I’ve no tried the 5239 model.

I’ve ordered the LITEON SOHR-5239S-32C model today.

Have to say, that my old 52327S had a very short life - after 20 month the C2 errors are too high now (with TY media :confused: ).

I never had any of the problems you mention. Most people over in the CD and DVD Burning Software forum consider it the best. Every posting I have read in the last 2 years asking about the best CD burner has said unequivocally that the Premium is the best. I am just passing on what many others have stated and what I have found. I always find my C1 errors are 1/3 of what I see with any other burner I have tested.

Sorry you have seen so much trouble with Plextor. The Premium is the only Plextor I recommend. Now that it is discontinued I see a lot of posts from people who regret they cannot get one.

My 1st scan result (burned at 12x) with the LITEON SOHR-5239S can be found there: