Which cd label printer should i buy?

Ok here is my question i have about $600 and i need to buy a cd label printer, i will be mainly using the printer to make copies of the labels from my original cd’s and dvd’s to my back ups, so which printer do you guys recommend?

I was thinking about getting an epson R800 but someone said in another post that epson printers leave a white outer ring on the labels is their a way to fix this?

Thanks for your time

Hi :slight_smile:

Whilst you’re waiting for replies, you might want to take a look around the CD & DVD Labelling Forum…the question’s been asked a few times in there. :slight_smile:

I have an Epson R800 and although I haven’t used any other printer for printing labels, I highly recommend this printer. The results you get depend on how you set up the software and which discs you are using.
As an example: I bought a few Verbatim DVD-R Glossy White Inkjet Printable-Hub Printable media and showed them to a few people and they couldn’t tell a copied disc from the original. I don’t have a quality camera but here is a quick shot of one of those discs, so that you can see the label goes all the way from the inside to the outside.

The software that comes with the printer has the ability to adjust the
spread of the ink on the disc so you can extend the picture to the outside edge or leave a border if you want to:

The printed cd labels look amazing. If you have ever tried using stick on labels and you get one of these printers, you realize stick on labels are doomed.
The labelling software is easy to use, the first couple of discs I made had
a white edge around them because I didn’t realize I had to adjust the software for the correct outer and inner diameter of the stock I was using.
This printer also pumps out amazing photo’s. The only real problem you’ll have is trying to keep ink in the thing, because you’ll be pumping out so much material.

Thanks for the pictures you have helped me alot