Which CD/DVD/BD-ROM drive without burning?

Which disc drive does read all formats (including RW/multilayer), but not write anything?

Doesn´t exist

I’d expect the Lite-On 6M5S to meet those requirements. It’s a BD-ROM drive that reads CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs including Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

The big limitation is that it’s the Xbox One S console’s optical drive. If it’s like other Xbox drives, the data connector will be standard (SATA these days of course) and the power connector will be proprietary. So, you’d need to rig something up to power the drive and then hope that the drive is usable in a PC without different firmware.

Edit: Here’s a decent picture of the label.

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The ihos 104 can also read these formats and can´t write

But it´s EOL and damn slow

It makes no sense to get such a drive

Actually no drive is on the market

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What does EOL mean?

×40 CD and ×12 DVD is still pretty decent.
×4 BD is also not bad. Laptop slimtype drives such as LB23 or BU20 usually reach these CAV reading speeds
:black_small_square:×6 BD (=2197 sectors per second, according to your post)
:black_small_square:×8 DVD (676 sectors/second @×1CLV)
:black_small_square:×24 CD (75 sectors/second at ×1 CLV)

The iHOS104 is 32x for CD, 8x for DVD, and 4x for BD according to Lite-On’s specs:

It does not support Blu-ray discs with more than two layers.

The product has been discontinued and has reached its End-of-Life from the manufacturer’s perspective. You almost certainly won’t find new ones sold in normal stores (“on the market” as Tester_1 said). However, that shouldn’t stop you from buying a used or new one from eBay, Amazon, or somewhere else if you really want one. Lots of iHOS104 drives were sold on eBay in recent months.

I bought a used one last year since it’s one of the few Blu-ray drives that were sold with an optional silver bezel. Since most sellers of used drives lost or discarded the silver bezel long ago you’ll find that most or all of the drives currently for sale only have black bezels.

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