Which CD Burning Software

we are trying to find a method of locking the burn process so that operators can produce CD’s which are true copies of the

master image.

Our operators are not qualified to make any changes or any configuration settings during the burn process.

So we would like a very simple process and need an afterburn verification process to ensure quality control

Features to include

[li]Create and verify ISO Image (To confirm ISO image is good)
[/li][li]Burn ISO at Max Speed supported by CD/DVD Burner
[/li][li]Verify the CD after burning from the ISO image (Verification by reading from just burnt CD)



ImgBurn located Here. Burns CD/DVD and is freeware developed by the infamous LIGHTNING UK!

How To Burn

  1. Insert Disc in Burner.
  2. Select Image to burn.
  3. Click ‘Write’ button.



I doubt ImgBurn can create CD ISO image (and verify to confirm ISO image is good)

and I didn’t try to burn a CD ISO image with ImgBurn but
I tried with DVD Decrypter and as I remember right the ISO image verify
didn’t work with CD image

well now I can confirm ImgBurn can not verify the written CD with the original CD ISO image (works with DVD Video ISO images)